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The previous dates were very exciting ones, because I was very curious who was this guy.

After the second meeting, he told me he wanted to meet me every day, but he kept me in suspense, because he only called for me on the last day of my tour.

Their life is so perfect, they are happy, they have money…

but I am wondering: can this perfection exists in case of call girl wives also?!

At the beginning I was really confused, because…more We have to learn how to pass throughout interesting happenings, so this is why I would like to present you my story with a couple.

I remember clearly that it was a Sunday afternoon when my agency called me and asked me if I accept a meeting with a couple.

It was in Amsterdam, which is one of my favorite places where I worked as an escort girl.

Last time I spoke about foot fetish,…more In most of the time, I spoke about my normal sexual experiences, but what about fetishes?

My first time in Brussels was amazing, I was doing only porn…more Today I will tell you a little bit surreal story with a client, but believe me, you will enjoy it a lot, because when I think on it, I am always laughing as well. My agency called me that I have a regular client, but he doesn’t want to make the appointment in my place, he wants to bring me to his place.

Let’s take a look into the life…more Dear Gentlemen!

This topic was written for you from the pen of an experienced ex-escort girl and pornstar escort, who loves to share her experiences with you.

He brought me closer and we started to kiss, he started to massage my boobs and nipples again, while I came over him,…more This nice little restaurant inside would amaze all the Dubai escorts.

Outside was nothing special, but inside it was one of the most luxurious restaurants I’ve ever seen.

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