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Check out the latest issue of Graham & Doddsville here. Introduction Colossus, the first large-scale electronic computer, was used against the German system of teleprinter encryption known at Bletchley Park as ‘Tunny’.The new issue features Craig Effron of Scoggin Capital Management, Jon Salinas (MBA ’08) of Plymouth Lane Capital Management, Jeff Gramm (MBA ’03) of Bandera Partners and Shane Parrish, founder of the Farnam Street Blog.

The students of Columbia Business School have just released the Winter 2016 Edition of Graham & Doddsville.The latest edition of Graham & Doddsville was just released by the students of Columbia Business School. The students of Columbia Business School just published the latest edition of Graham & Doddsville.The Winter 2017 issue features Michael Blitzer (MBA ’04) and Guy Shanon (MBA ’99) of Kingstown Capital, Rupal Bhansali of Ariel Investments, Simeon Wallis of Valor Bridge Partners, Jared Friedberg of Mercator and Charles Studness (Ph D ’63) & Roy Studness (MBA ’06) of Studness Capital Management. The Fall 2016 issue features Alex Seaver and Brad Kent of Stadium Capital Management, Neal Nathani of Totem Point Management and Chris Weldon (MBA ’12) of Stamina Capital.Congratulations to outgoing editors Brendan Dawson, Scott De Benedett and Anthony Philipp on another outstanding year.Check out the latest issue of Graham & Doddsville here. Readers often e-mail me to ask how they can find places to network with other value investors.

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