Role play college dating

While you can use your standard personality cards, you may want to prepare additional cards that add a conflict aspect: These aren’t your standard role plays, and you may have to put more effort into preparing for them.Most can take advantage of general language that your students have practiced in the past.Language Used: Location: Participants are being filmed for a reality show while being on a blind date in a nice restaurant—a date which was arranged by a computer matchmaking service that purports to hook up perfect couples for eternal love and relationships.What your students won’t know (but will begin to suspect!Go over these surveys with the entire class so they become familiar with the questions.You’ll also want: Preparation: Start by chalking or taping a small rectangle on the floor to outline the dimensions of the elevator.As they “get to know each other,” they should gradually discover that the computer has made a huge mistake.

His blog, Interpretive ESL, offers insights into language teaching, simplifying the classroom, language class activities and general thoughts on ESL teaching.What makes these situations different is that, while using the same language, students concentrate more on the wacky situation than how they’re speaking.That should bring some healthy laughter into the classroom and add to the creative use of those structures and vocabulary that might have been getting a little too routine.You’ll probably want at least one flashlight, maybe with really weak batteries, so you can turn out the lights and create an eerie atmosphere.Language Used: Preparation: Set up a table as in a restaurant, or maybe an order counter as in a burger place.

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