Pre selection dating

Especially if this is a place you like to frequently go.

Get in good with the female bartenders and staff, and become as friendly as possible with them.

There are a few things you can do right away to get more pre-selection into your life: Number 1- Start talking to the female staff when you go out to the bar.

Get their names, find out a couple of things about them, and tip them well.

You want to verbalize like you’re not a loser, you have dated women before, that women do find you attractive.

Now verbalization is obviously not as powerful as demonstration, and demonstration is pretty easy.

It’s a specific form of showing girls—or telling girls, that women are attracted to you. You can talk about how you date around a lot; you can talk about how girls like you.

You can get into some play stuff, but in general, just mentioning an exgirlfriend is usually enough to verbalize it.

Number 2- Approaching women is the next and most obvious thing to start doing!When you are out, start talking to more and more women.You can warm up by talking to a few of the guys at the bar, but after that talk to as many women as possible, and again befriend them.It can be used in game as well to make women perceive you as more attractive.Being more social and having others around gives you great social proof; especially if those people around you are having a great time and laughing with you.

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