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Story/Plot - 7/10; Characters - 11/10; Acting - 10/10; Music - 8/10; Overall entertainment = 12/10!

\(^o^)/ This is a romantic comedy so story-wise, don't expect anything profound.

I am currently re-watching it and there is just something about the plot and chemistry between the characters that makes it very exciting. They really are able to sell a believable story that I love.

Many dramas use these weird crazy fantasy elements to make it exciting but this down to Earth story really excites me. No fantasy elements, no faux symbolisms, no crazy and confusing plot twists/holes, and no pretentious writing here.. I am expecting more film that Lee sung kyung and Nam joo Hyuk will work together their chemistry is really different among others actors, this drama is so pure, honest, simple, and not the least bit pretentious in any way.

She has a bright personality and strong sense of justice.

Kim Bok-Joo and her friends on the female weightlifting team are not popular with the guys and they don't have boyfriends.

Two out of three leads I love isn’t bad, and frankly Chae Soo Bin has the potential to grow on me in the right role much like I grew fond of Shin Se Kyung and Oh Yeon Seo in the right drama for their acting styles.Unlike other dramas that are so hung up on trying to be "unique" and "deep" that the writers resort to faux symbolisms in the hopes of bringing more depth, meaning, and value to the story.They do it by putting a lot of twists and variables, which already borders to being unecessary at times, imo.Kim Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung) is a promising collegiate female weightlifter.Her father runs a small chicken restaurant and her uncle wants to become an actor.

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