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since there appear to be other ETs out there interested in joining in also, and so there is some interference after a while. This is being done so as not to jeopardize these contacts with unwanted notoriety or publicity in the media. Perhaps, in the future, I may release some of these." [Tim Swartz, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, p.Some of these other ETs use other methods of communications such as tones and what appear to be guttural voices.' " [Tim Swartz, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, p. 35] 1989 - Conviction / Oliver North - May 4th, 1989: "Fired White House aide Oliver North was convicted of shredding documents and two other crimes and acquitted of nine other charges stemming from the Iran-Contra affair.

He has mostly avoided both the fame and the fortune won by many of his Internet colleagues.The project is an attempt to standardize how information is stord on the Internet and to organize automatically the junge of data found today on the Net into a 'web' of concepts.By attaching meaning to data behind the scenes, computers can do a better job of searching for information." [Based on: Mans Hulden, A.The treaty sought to cut in half production of chemicals posing the greatest risk to ozone."1989 - Test Flight / U. Stealth Bomber - July 17th, 1989: "The controversial B-2 Stealth bomber underwent its first test flight at Edwards Air Force Base in California, two days after a technical problem forced a postponement."1989 - Astronomic Configuration Trivia: July 23rd, 1989: "Sun [0 Leo], Moon [26 Pisces], Mercury [5 Leo], Venus [28 Leo], Mars [22 Leo], Jupiter [28 Gemini], Saturn [9 Capricorn R.], Uranus [2 Capricorn R], Neptune [10 Capricorn R], Pluto [12 Scorpio D]."In Lebanon, the pro-Iranian group Organization for the Oppressed on Earth threatened to kill an American hostage, Marine Lt. A recent historic example arose in 1989, when Saturn and Neptune conjuncting in Capricorn were opposed by Jupiter [beginning in August] and Chiron conjuncting in Cancer. They have a climactic quality of breakthrough or starting-over, of catharsis and rapid advance.1989 - Voyager 2 / Neptune - August 21st, 1989: "The U. space probe Voyager 2 fired its thrusters to bring it closer to Neptune's mysterious moon Triton.

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