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Yet deciding what on vintage dining table décor can be difficult (what goes on must come off, after all).To simplify, try something simple like a runner anchored with a vase, trio of hurricane lanterns, or topiaries.To help, we’re outlining the basics of three common used dining table styles: the trestle, the pedestal, and the Parsons.To help decide on the best used dining table for your space, read on!Featuring a round, white marble top set atop a white, stem-like base, the vintage Tulip table is an elegant yet compact piece, perfect for tucking into breakfast nooks or bay window recesses that may have to suffice as dining rooms in space-challenged apartments.As a bonus, these tables often come with leaf extensions, making them pieces that can grow with you, if need be.

Truly remarkable dining suite of the highest quality.Chunky and often fantastically rustic, trestle tables are dramatic dining tables that dominate a room, infusing even the most modern spaces with decades-old character.Because of their size, try a vintage trestle table in a dining room that’s solely dedicated to dining, or a dining annex with a horizontal orientation.When it comes to choosing seating to pair with your vintage trestle table, there’s something pitch-perfect about benches, which lend a relaxed, farm-like vibe.On the other end of the spectrum, trestles are also ripe for mixing with upholstered chairs or modern, sculptural ones.

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