Intimidating face paint

I was completely convinced that, in a pinch, he would not hesitate to knock Le Bron out of the way, look at him and say, "I got this."When he didn't, I was shocked.If they make it to the finals again and the Heat are showing the same signs of collapsing, I would go as far as to place a bet in Vegas that Miami would come back and win, and Wade would win the finals MVP.

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He routinely knocks players down and roughs them up as much as possible within the rules.

Intimidating Quality: Meanness, defense For a little guy, Gary Payton was pretty physical, and for a guy as popular as he was, he was surprisingly mean on the court.

There are endless stories of Payton being one of the biggest trash-talkers in the league.

Intimidation plays a big role in basketball, and it's a very overlooked quality in the NBA, so I took a look and found the most intimidating players in league history.

Intimidating Quality: Insanity, meanness Reggie Evans isn't a guy that is going to be remembered for his ability to play basketball well, although he can rebound as well as any other big guy in the game.

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