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So I feel like I should be going to pieces but I’m not…? then i noticed the rose bush he gave me opened its first rose right on his birthday. New checking account and last three numbers on my account. I’m going on an interview and I asked my dad if it is the right choice and the lady I am interviewing with has 248 in her phone number. Reply My husband passed away in 2011, I have vivid memories where he came to me in a dream to say goodbye.i took that as a sign that my dad heard me wishing him a happy birthday and was telling me thank you. they would come at 3am and ring my door bell when ever they visit. Reply My dad always played the number 248 in the lottery. I was walking my dogs one day through the neighborhood and made a comment to my deceased husband that it was his turn to take the dogs…..Yesterday I was sat playing blocks with my youngest and I could feel a fresh air presence on my face, no draught just a slight coldness, I lifted my head and embraced this.I feel so so comforted by this & I don’t feel so sad as I did because I know he is with other time, my mom passed on jan.5, 2012….i take my dogs out late at night before going to bed. I instantly turned around and the house in front of me has his initials on the door in a wreath RHB….. Reply This happened to me several times after my dad died (he passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2015).and i would look for the brightest star and talk to my parents.asking them if they were ok like i did every day when they were alive. I kept getting phone calls from an unknown number but when I answered there was static on the other line.

I immediately thought this was a sign or signal of some sort, and when I looked it up, it appears they are a sign of good luck or even a message from spirit.My older brother always loved playing tricks on me while we were growing up, so I know this is his way of telling me he is alive and with me.Reply On my birthday last year I was sad and saying to my son I wish nanny was here(my mother)she had passed the year before. When I watched it back I saw white orbs moving all over my kitchen.The sign could not have been clearer, my sister felt it too. During that 2 hours she managed to show us so many things through God.We saw her so happy in heaven with our brother who had passed as a newborn 30 years ago. I saw her spirit rising from her body and then returning to her body as she put in the last bit of fight.

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