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For Sport Lisboa they maintained the football team, the shirt colours, the eagle symbol and the motto.For Grupo Sport Benfica they maintained the field Campo da Feiteira, the main directors and the club's house.In this meeting, José Rosa Rodrigues was appointed as club president, along with Daniel Brito as secretary and Manuel Gourlade as treasurer.

As a result, eight players moved to Sporting CP in 1907, and started the rivalry between the clubs.

Both clubs determined that the foundation date should coincide with Sport Lisboa's given that it was the most recognised club and quite popular in Lisbon because of its football merits.

In regard to the crest, a cycling wheel was added to Sport Lisboa's to represent the most important sport of Grupo Sport Benfica.

The founders also decided that the crest would be composed of an eagle (symbolising high aspirations), the motto "E pluribus unum" (defining union between all club members) and a football.

Benfica played their first match ever on 1 January 1905.

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