Dating a dj

He was still serving a life sentence for another killing.(Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via AP, Pool, File) Lindsay Ell made a big production about keeping her industry boyfriend a secret until earlier this year when the big reveal was …They have a Country in the Park show coming up in August there in Sacramento that’s an even bigger show than the one she got bumped from.

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And she wasn’t quiet about the ‘why’ — she broke with industry convention and told her fans the unvarnished truth.She was dating DJ and Country Countdown star Bobby Bones!She didn’t want people to think she was dating him because of his power to influence her career.She’s a self-described “intersectional feminist” who runs a women’s charity called “PWR by Kittens” that raises money for women’s shelters. Demi Lovato spotted today with her rumored new girlfriend Lauren Abedini; a DJ, Producer, charity runner, and feminist! 😍😍😍 CJc8ayi BH — Music News & Facts (@musicnewsfact) September 11, 2017 The singer has told People: “It’s something I don’t think needs to have a label: As humans, It’s just about a connection with someone.” Plus, When Alan Carr asked whether the song was about same-sex relationships, Lovato purred (at least she purred in my head, I’m sure she just answered like a normal human being): “I’m not confirming, and I’m definitely not denying.” That’s like when a person says they aren’t trying to get pregnant, but they’re also not, trying, you’re trying. Or maybe this all just wishful thinking for yours truly because I’ve had it bad for Lovato, from the moment she dyed her raven hair midnight blue (I’ll sleep with a blue haired girl on the first date).

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