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She sat down and leaned toward me, her huge cleavage jiggling as it came to rest facing me. I love Kim to bits but she's such a lightweight." "She does like an early night." I agreed. "Yeah, play with my tits, proper gets me going." she whispered.

I kneaded her tits as we kissed and she slipped her hand into my boxers, wrapping her hand around my aching cock.

She started wanking me but I stopped her, whispering "It's hard enough, you don't want me finished so soon, do you? She was completely clean shaven, and I found her pussy, stroking her soaking wet slit gently.

She whimpered as we kissed, rolling her hips against my fingers.

The company I work for recently branched out into China, and any employee who wanted to was given the option to learn mandarin to degree level, completely free of charge.

Having "Fluent in Mandarin" on my CV would be great, so I signed up straight away.

Off the train stepped the sluttiest, cheapest looking fat girl I have ever seen; long bleached hair, too much make-up, a vest too small for her with her enormous fat tits spilling out of the top and a pair of jeans that hugged her meaty arse and thick thighs.My wife was the jealous type, but I suppose returning from a week away surrounded by attractive young girls talking about my new female friend would ring alarm bells in anyone's head, so I kept this friendship to myself.To be honest our sex life had pretty much ended, following the unfortunately-for-me-true myth that marriage somehow managed to delete pretty much any woman's interest in sex.Kim wasn't really my type, she was slender and shy, and I'm an unashamed chubby-chaser, so while she made a good friend, I wasn't worried I would suffer too much sharing her room, I never felt any lust toward her.I had seen photos of her boyfriend as well and he was a lovable-looking skinny boy, so myself being a stocky-built guy, I was doubtfully her type.

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