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the light that is not absorbed by the sample) and NOT absorbance.

Analytes which contain a UV chromophore(s) will cause large absorbance differences when they elute into the flow cell and the light exiting the flow cell will reduce markedly, generating a large response.

The selection of a detector for HPLC is based on the chemical nature of the analytes and any potential interferents that may be present, the limit of detection required, and often the availability and cost of the detector.

The intensity of the emergent light from the flow cell is measured using photodiodes, which produce an electrical signal when exposed to light.

The greater the intensity of the light that reaches the photodiodes the larger the resultant signal.

A UV-visible detector actually measures the transmittance intensity (i.e.

Analyte molecules containing only C-C or C-H bonds do not show high sensitivity in UV-visible detectors.

Heteroatoms such as sulfur, bromine, nitrogen, oxygen etc.

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