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And while some of them may require a road trip or plane ride to get to, others, like Grand Central, may be practically right under our noses.

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First-time visitors to the terminal, though, may find it hard to imagine taking such an architectural masterpiece for granted: with its massive, echoing main concourse, soaring multipaned windows, and vibrant astronomical ceiling mural, it’s one of America’s great structural gems.

Since access roads often shut due to volcanic activity, though, be sure to check for closures before you visit.

Set at the base of the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this multistoried adobe compound is one of the country’s best-preserved Pueblo Indian settlements.

Little wonder that so many tourists (some 21.6 million per year) can be seen standing amid the crowds of commuters, marveling and snapping cell-phone photos.

While the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and Mount Fuji may be the first images that come to mind when we picture beautiful landmarks, the truth is that there are numerous dazzling sights—both natural and man-made—right here in the United States.

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